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What is Organic Topsoil?

To understand it better, we need first to define the term “organic”. In simple terms, organic can be defined as living matter. This means that not all soils are organic.

Organic soil is a soil that is formed as a result of the decay of plant and animal remains to create a small ecosystem that is rich in nutrients and minerals along with microorganisms that nourish and breath out gases to the soil. Soil is organic in its natural state that is before the addition of chemicals. Continuous use of modified and synthetic ingredients exhausted the organic materials that were present in the soil before turning it inorganic. Let’s consider the forest floor. There is a fall of both trees and leaves, growth of fruits and vegetables that are feed on by animals; in the end, animals leave waste. Each of these activities enriches the soil and creates a conducive environment for future growth. Organic soil is formed as a result of these activities.

Why use Organic Soil?

You are now well-informed what organic soil means, but what are pros of using this type of soil? They are unlimited. One of the advantages of using organic soil is that it is environmentally friendly since it is composed of natural ingredients in general. Here plants grow on the soil, release leaves and branches that decay forming organic matter that enriches the soil. Animals feed on plants that grow in the soil, and at the end, they release wastes that enrich the soil supporting the growth of plants. This makes the soil more sustainable over time and keeps on improving it further. With organic topsoil in your garden, you can rest assured of flourishing, healthier plants and vegetables that are environmentally friendly and harmless to you and your family.

Time and money-saving; Addition of organic substances to the soil improves the drainage balance and helps the soil to retain water. Organic soil is known to retain water for an extended period when compared to synthetic soils. This is possible due to the abundant natural substances present in this soil. Organic soil does not need to be watered more often due to its ability to retain water for extended periods. This stimulates the growth of plants as well as vegetables without having to spend a lot of money and time to water plants to keep them healthier.

Plants that grow in organic soils are resistant to pests and diseases, and thus the use of chemicals and pesticides becomes unnecessary. Since organic soil is rich in nutrients and mineral elements, plants tend to develop sturdier cell walls which offer additional layers of protection against pests and diseases. This saves you money and time that you could have spent to purchase chemical pesticides to control pest and diseases. Frequent application of pesticides to your plants exposes them to synthetic elements. The nutrients contained in organic soil improves the ability of plants to resist pests and diseases. This makes the plants sturdier and more resistant to pest and diseases, thereby helping you to save the money you could have spent to keep them healthier.

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